Trying to be ‘Hip’ in Shoreditch

After a strenuous day at work doing what I love, writing (I know, tough working life for me at the moment), I decided to take a stroll around Shoreditch.

As I work a 2 minute walk down the road in Hoxton, and have never visited this diverse and vibrant area, I thought I’d check it out.

Known for its ‘hip’ residents and wacky graffiti, I was intrigued but also a little worried. Would my lack of tattoos, piercings and eccentric clothing make me look a little… out of place?

Although I may have looked a little lost (because I was), I wasn’t disappointed.

Shoreditch lived up to my expectations of colour and craziness. It was a mismatch of everything – shop turn café, tattoo parlour turn restaurant, gallery turn coffee shop. All of which were artistically decorated in splashes of vibrant, off the wall (see the irony there…) graffiti.

It was a quick visit but I really got a feel of the laid back and alternate vibe which is knocking around Shoreditch, which I really loved.

Next up – rediscovering my inner Goth for a visit to Camden! Watch this space.

Trying to be 'Hip' in Shoreditch - My Culture Craving

Trying to be 'Hip' in Shoreditch - Pug Graffiti - My Culture Craving

Trying to be 'Hip' in Shoreditch - London - My Culture Craving

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