Sun, Sea and… Beaches in Ibiza, Spain

Having just returned from a fun-filled, messy yet, EXHAUSTING week in Ibiza, I thought I would do a blog entry on something other than the extravagant nightclubs which lure millions of tourists to this vibrant island each year (mainly because the thought of Spanish Rushkinoff vodka is still making my stomach churn).

This incredible day/nightlife (Ibiza never sleeps) often leads tourists to overlook the outstanding beauty which this Hispanic island also has to offer.

Therefore, I have compiled a selection of beautiful beaches which I visited whilst I was there – all of which I loved for different reasons.

The Beaches in Ibiza - Beach - My Culture Craving

Cala Bassa Beach

This stunning beach looks as though it has been swallowed by rocks. Set within a semi-circle shaped alcove, it has a more secluded feel than some of the other beaches in Ibiza. Lined by an outdoor, airy restaurant which serves up fresh fish, yummy sangria and a relaxing ambience, this is the perfect beach to enjoy a day of luxury and relaxation by the sea.

However, if the sangria happens to go to your head and you fancy doing something a little more daring, Cala Bassa also has a selection of activities available such as, pedalo boats, jet skiing and rock diving.

The Beaches in Ibiza - My Culture Craving

Bora Bora Beach

The party beach of Ibiza, Bora Bora offers the usual stretch of smooth sand and glimmering sea as well as, pumping music and beach/pool parties throughout the day.

If you are looking for a day of drinking, background music, lookie lookie men trying to sell you sunglasses and pr’s offering you boat trips, then this is the beach for you however, I personally preferred the tranquility of Cala Bassa beach.

The Beaches in Ibiza - Sunset Strip - My Culture Craving

Sunset Strip

The beach here is… grim. With a carpet of glass, bottle tops and rocks it isn’t the most appealing of beaches to the eye.

HOWEVER, when the excited crowds start to gather and the luminous sun begins to set, this beach transforms into a kaleidoscopic paradise.

Relaxing music echos from the bars along the beach, groups of friends bop around high on life, eyes fixated on the horizon and others play charades (not my friends and I, I promise…).

The sunset strip is not a place to go for a day of sunbathing however, it is a place to go and witness one of the most breathtaking and colourful sunsets in the world.

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