The Best of Brunch in Canterbury, Kent

Brunch is Sunday’s saving grace.

Whether you’re hungover and in need of some tender lovin’ care (of the food variety) or, you simply want to gorge on mouthwatering, fabulous food before your ‘diet starts’ on Monday, Canterbury is bursting with some great places to indulge in everything from scrumptious cakes and pastries to calorific pancakes and waffles.

For anyone who is planning a visit to this charming city, make sure you check out at least one of these brunch joints:

The Best of Brunch in Canterbury, Kent - Canteen - My Culture Craving


Nestled down a cute, cobbled side street alongside the Cathedral, Canteen offers everything from zesty fruit smoothies and velvet-smooth frozen yogurt to melt-in-your-mouth Mediterranean flat breads and bulging burritos.

Priding itself on each item on the menu being lovingly made to order from fresh, local produce, Canteen is the perfect hangout spot for a wholesome yet, healthy meal, which won’t leave you feeling like a sack of potatoes.

The Best of Brunch in Canterbury, Kent - Cafe - My Culture Craving

Mrs Jones’ Kitchen

Based in the heart of Canterbury, Mrs Jones’ Kitchen provides great quality, honest food in a relaxing, light and airy environment.

Whether you are craving a luscious, freshly baked slice of cake, a strong cup of aromatic coffee or a plate piled high with their hot dish of the day, this cafe serves up one of the finest (and best value) brunches in the city.

The Best of Brunch in Canterbury, Kent - Food - My Culture Craving

Chocolate Cafe

Chocolate Cafe is a chocoholics haven.

This Italian inspired cafe offers an extensive menu filled to the brim with naughty chocolate delicacies.

From heavenly pastries and dainty truffles to chocolate-doused Belgian waffles and uniquely flavoured cakes, there is no question in where you need to go in Canterbury to get your daily chocolate fix.

The Best of Brunch in Canterbury, Kent - My Culture Craving

Cafe Chambers

This American pancake house is my most recent discovery in Canterbury.

Selling everything from extravagant stacks of thick, fluffy pancakes smeared in gooey maple syrup, berries and cream to unusually flavoured milkshakes such as, peanut butter, banoffee and gingerbread, each item on Cafe Chambers’ menu oozes pure American indulgence.

With its diverse menu, fabulous view of the Cathedral and rich history, Cafe Chambers is a must visit if you’re in desperate need of satisfying that Sunday morning sweet tooth.

The Best of Brunch in Canterbury, Kent - Restaurant - My Culture Craving

La Trappiste 

One of the most popular restaurants in town, La Trappsite is a Belgian inspired bakery/restaurant, which provides the very best in freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries as well as, gourmet slap up meals.

Although this restaurant is busy all year round, during the summer months it overflows with customers flocking to the rooftop terrace to soak up the sun whilst sinking a crisp Belgian beer.

Make your way here for a decent, strong coffee and anything from a croissant to a hugeeee bowl of moules mariniere. Nom nom nom.

Where’s your favourite place to go in Canterbury for Brunch? Please comment, Facebook or Tweet me to let me know :)!

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