Brunch at The Riding House Cafe, London

Brunch is my new-found favourite meal of the day.

Waking up with the wonderful thought that prosecco and pancakes await my arrival, makes getting out of bed on a Saturday/Sunday morning that bit more tolerable.

So, when one of my friends organised a brunch date at The Riding House Cafe in London, I was chuffed.

After reading great things about it online as well as, drooling over The Londoner’s images of breakfast smoothies in cute milk bottles and scrummy fry ups, I couldn’t wait to check it out for myself…

Once we’d weaved our way through Oxford Street’s maze of shops, we headed towards The Riding House Cafe, ravenous and raring to eat.

The restaurant boasted a rustic blue, brown and white colour scheme. With its bare brick walls, rollicking white tiled bar, rugged wooden, banqueting tables and vibrant, squishy blue bar chairs, Riding House Cafe balanced quirky character and trendy, modern decor, perfectly.

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - Restaurant - My Culture Craving

Along with its crisp colour scheme, the restaurant also offered splashes of unusual embellishments. From ornate, dusty blue lamps that lined the bar to a mishmash of retro fittings, which were sprinkled throughout the restaurant, The Riding House Cafe was a feast for the eyes… and of course, for the taste buds!

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - Table - My Culture Craving

As we snooped over the other customers’ shoulders, getting more and more food envious by the second, we were handed the humongous menu.

Offering up everything from eggs benedict and rock oysters to spiced poussin and giant hash browns, here, there is a dish to satisfy any possible craving under the sun.

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - My Culture Craving

After much consideration we went for a bottle of prosecco and a couple of mounds of grilled halloumi to start (gotta settle those weird cravings) and then shared the buttermilk pancakes, lobster lasagna and giant chorizo hash brown, for main.

Words  cannot describe how delicious the creamy, fruity, sticky, fluffy stack of pancakes were, so I’ll just show you instead…

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - Pancakes - My Culture Craving

It gets better…

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - Pancake - My Culture Craving

The lobster lasagna was a new discovery for me, and one, which I hope to devour again soon…

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - Food - My Culture Craving

And the giant hash brown with chorizo, mushroom and poached egg was a yumtastic triumph…

Brunch at Riding House Cafe - Hash Brown - My Culture Craving

This cafe really does offer up a bit of everything.

Whether you are looking to have a casual bev after a long days work (or in the morning… no one’s here to judge),  an extravagant three course meal, an indulgent, boozy brunch or a few tapas to nitpick at, whilst enjoying some of their wacky cocktails, you can find it at all at The Riding House Cafe…

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Have you ever been to The Riding House Cafe? What were your favourite dishes? Please comment, Facebook or Tweet me to let me know :)!

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