Exploring London’s ‘Nomadic Street Food Circus’

The thing I love most about London, is its inevitable element of surprise.

Whether it’s a quirky jazz bar, an unusually themed restaurant or a wacky, pop-up food stall/market, there is always something novel around every corner, which is bound to ignite an excitement in any passerby.

My visit to London this weekend, was no exception.

On Saturday evening, after a relaxing afternoon of slurping on wine and mojitos in Covent Garden, my friends and I took to the streets of Lewisham to hunt down a night food/drinks market, which we had heard some great things about.
Situated in an abandoned 1950s indoor/outdoor market, Street Feast, a company, which pride themselves on being London’s nomadic street food circus, have transformed this unused area into a quirky den of rustic food stalls, bars, fire pits and dance floors.

London's Nomadic Food Circus - Model Market - My Culture Craving
Cubbyholes of seating areas, which housed flaking wallpaper and DIY chairs and tables made out of wooden boxes, lined the market.

Food and drink stalls selling everything from minute, mouth-watering burgers and jerk chicken to potent rum served up in your very own coconut and the essential wines, beers and cocktails, were peppered amongst the seating/dancing areas.

Illuminated by crimson fairy lights and candles melted into old wine bottles, I couldn’t decide whether I felt as though we were in an old-fashioned, 1920s jazz bar or, in the Red Light District… either way, the atmosphere was fab!!

London's Nomadic Food Circus - Food Market - My Culture Craving
The open air dance floor was positioned at the peak of the market.

Filled with flaming fire pits, kaleidoscopic disco balls and pumping music, it was the perfect place to dance the night away under the stars before disappearing back into the city in search of the next ‘circus’ to join…

Model Market is free entry before 7pm and £3 thereafter and takes place every Friday and Saturday until 20th September.

This market should be at the top of your ‘to-see in London’ list this summer!

Enjoy :D!!

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