The countdown on my blog has some how managed to whirl its way all the way down to four months until I leave on my one-way trip of a lifetime…


Therefore, I thought it was probably about time that I shared with you a little bit more about what I have planned for my big adventure…


The one aspect of my trip, which I have actually sorted… well, kind of…

I have only booked two flights so far – one from London to Goa and another from Chennai to New Zealand.


Because I don’t want to limit my time anywhere.

The one thing, which really bogged me off when I was travelling on my Gap Year, was that there was a time limit on every place we visited. If I want to lull in a hammock on the beach with a good crime thriller for weeks on end, then why not?

South India

As you probably already know, India holds a very special place in my heart… I am somewhat… obsessed.

This will be my third visit to this marvelous country and I am bubbling with excitement to explore the South in a lot more detail.

As I have already backpacked through Rishikesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Kerala (very briefly), this 6 week stop over will be solely dedicated to the Southern Indian, chilled out way of life – beaches, yoga retreats (can anybody recommend any?), backwaters, tea plantations and inevitably… lots and lots of ‘special tea’ (beer).

Route planned so far… 

Goa —> Hampi —> Kerala —> Chennai

If you can recommend anything to see, do or add to this list then please pleaseeee let me know via comments or social media…

New Zealand

I have always known that I will have to settle and work at some point during my travels to earn a bit of extra cash. Australia seemed like the obvious choice – an abundance of cosmopolitan cities to choose from, picture-perfect coastlines, the Great Barrier Reef and jobs that pay a very decent salary.

However, New Zealand offered me something, which trumped this all – my best friend.

Just over a year ago, my dear pal, Fran made the huge leap to move to Auckland with her Kiwi boyfriend… and after hearing stories of surfing, dolphin watching, afternoon picnics on the beach and weekend trips away admiring New Zealand’s luscious countryside, I didn’t need anymore convincing…

New Zealand is brand new travelling territory for me therefore, I intend to explore it to the max.

Whilst I’m there, the plan is to live/work in Auckland for around five months and then travel the country for a month or so. However, this schedule is very very flexible.

Again, if you can recommend anything to see/do in NZ or, have any tips on moving to Auckland, please impart your wisdom to me via comments or social media…

Where to after New Zealand?

Fiji –> Australia –> The Philippines –> Indonesia –> Malaysia –> Thailand –> Laos –> Vietnam –> USA –> Central/South America… I’m sure this list will be added to along the way…

Who will I be travelling with?

Although I am technically flying the nest on my own, I have also managed to recruit some willing companions to join me at different stages along the way.

My best friend and backpacking virgin, Fiona is planning on joining me for a couple of weeks in Goa, which means I have a guaranteed New Year’s Eve drinking buddy (winner). Whilst my Mum, who came with me on my second visit to India (read about her experience here) is hoping to join me in the depths of the Keralan tea plantations for a more organic experience of the South.

I also have a few other friends and family members who are hoping to hunt me down at some point later on in my journey.

Next planning stages…

– The fun task of sorting out my bloomin’ travel insurance, which I have been flapping about for a fair few weeks now (can anyone recommend any good companies?).

– Decide on the camera(s) I would like to purchase.

– Book a doctor’s appointment to see whether there are any vaccinations I need before I leave…

Please keep your eyes peeled for more updates on my travel plans as well as, anecdotes on how I’m getting on with the essential pre-prep for my journey…

Are you currently preparing for a trip of a lifetime? Where are you going? What stage of planning are you at? Please comment, Facebook or Tweet me to let me know :)!!

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  • Reply Sanchia (260º West)

    Sounds exciting! I used the Money Supermarket website as a starting point for getting my travel insurance as they have a pretty good introductory page on backpackers’ insurance and what to expect. And have a great time in my home state (Goa) – not that I’m biased or anything, but it’s definitely the most beautiful place in the world! Haha.

    August 9, 2015 at 12:56 pm
  • Reply The Globe-Trotting Graduate


    Thanks for the advice!! I did go onto Money Supermarket to get an idea of companies/price to begin with but they all seem to vary so much… it gets a bit confusing hahah. What company did you go for in the end? Hahaha thank you! Where in Goa are you from? Can you recommend anything I must see/do whilst I’m there :)?

    August 10, 2015 at 1:58 pm
  • Reply Sara

    Hai Lydia how is your journey so far i am also graduating in 4 months and planning to travel but the only problem is just I cant wait !!! Any tips on becoming more patient would really help.

    February 12, 2017 at 6:44 pm
    • Reply Lydia

      Hi Sara, that’s so exciting!! There’s nothing better than an exciting trip to get you through your studies! Whenever I can’t wait to go on a trip I plan plan plan. I plan what I need to buy, what I need to pack and work out where I want to go and what I want to achieve from my trip. Although this makes you more excited, I find it makes time pass more quickly! Where are you going on your trip?

      February 25, 2017 at 10:19 am

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