Festive Fun in Zurich, Switzerland

It is tradition that each year at the beginning of December, I travel to wherever my best friend is living (so far she’s ticked off Paris and Geneva) for a festive-filled weekend full to the brim with cheese, wine and laughter.

And this year was no exception…

So, the weekend before last I found myself jetting off to her new stomping ground – Zurich, Switzerland.

A majestic city boasting quaint, historic buildings, a horizon of snow-capped mountains and a rather beautiful, large lake, Zurich was the perfect place for us to wrap up warm, eat and drink our body weight in cheese and wine and revel in the fact that CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Buildings - My Culture Craving

We started the weekend as we meant to go on… WITH A STONKING HUGE CHEESE BOARD…

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Cheese Board - My Culture Craving

The next morning, after we had recovered from our cheese comas, we topped up our tummies with croissants and hopped on the tram to the Christmas market.

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Christmas Markets - My Culture Craving

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Xmas Market - My Culture Craving

Overlooking Lake Zurich and the Opera House, the Bellevue Christmas market is in prime position and sells an abundance of clothes, jewellery and souvenirs as well as, food from all over the globe. From traditional Swiss fondue and raclette to Chinese dumplings and smoked salmon, the market covers every possible food craving you could imagine.

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Salmon - My Culture Craving

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Ice Rink - My Culture Craving

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Lake - My Culture Craving

And when the lights go down, the market comes alive with the twinkling of Christmas lights and decorations…

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Christmas Tree - My Culture Craving

Naturally, we very quickly found the nearest bar (we needed mulled wine to warm up our hands…) and settled in next to the ginormous Christmas tree and open-air fire pits, which sat in the centre of the market.

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Mulled Wine - My Culture Craving

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Firepit - My Culture Craving

When the mulled wine could no longer warm our frosty fingers and toes, we went on our next mission – to find fondue.

Heading towards the historic heart of Zurich – the old town, we followed the river, wound our way down the cute cobbled high streets, admired the wooden market chalets, which were dotted along every road, until we could eventually smell that heavenly, distinctive scent of melted cheese…

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Fondue - My Culture Craving

A delicious fondue and bottle of wine later, we emerged in a cheesy haze. Wandering our way back towards the Christmas market, we admired the now luminous, sparkling Christmas decorations, which wound down every street as we attempted to walk off our cheese babies.

A g&t and tequila later, we were back on top form. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for us the next morning…

Although the crisp, snow air did help reignite our Christmas cheer…

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Snow - My Culture Craving

We spent the next day snuggled up with a fabulous brunch and hot choc to die for – the perfect hangover cure.

Festive Weekend in Zurich - Hot Chocolate - My Culture Craving

Zurich was just what the doctor ordered – a beautiful city with more cheese, wine, laughter and festive joy to fathom. Bliss.

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