Postcards Home – Week 2

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

So, I am officially travelling on my tod. After two weeks of travelling through Goa with my friend from home, she has unfortunately had to leave our tropical beach-bum lifestyle and head back to reality for work. Although suddenly having to fend for myself in India has been a shock to the system, I am sure I will get back into the swing of solo travel in no time… stay tuned…

We have spent the past week soaking up the peace and quiet on the palm-tree-fringed beach of Agonda, exploring the surrounding area and having a whole lota fun with my GoPro.

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Swimming in Agonda - My Culture Craving

A peaceful stretch of sand in the South of Goa, Agonda is the perfect place to do what Goa does best – absolutely nothing. Staying in a beachside cottage (at a place called Simrose) with the most wonderful staff, atmosphere and sunset views, it was the best end to our backpacking era together.

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Simrose - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Beach - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Agonda Sunset - My Culture Craving

Pulling ourselves away from Agonda’s emerald waters for a day, we went in search of a couple of ‘off the beaten track’ beaches. Around a 15 minute tuk tuk ride from Agonda, we came across Khancola Beach, a hidden gem located down a steep, rocky mountainside.

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Khancola Beach - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Coconuts - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Beach - My Culture Craving

Boasting outstanding views across the luscious countryside, ocean and isolated beach and with only a couple of people and a fishing boat for company, it was seclusion at its finest.

After a morning of soaking up the gentle waters of Khancola, we decided to walk trek to Cola Beach, a beach with a tempting lagoon supposedly a half an hour walk down the road. One and a half hours later and after a few close encounters with a snake, iguana and monkey, we made it to the hidden beach.

We watched the sunset and cheersed to burning off a couple of Indian curries.

A couple of days later, we took a day trip to Palolem (a beach around 15 minutes South of Agonda) to rent a kayak and to go searching for dolphins. After some strenuous hard rowing out to sea, we reached a peaceful point in the ocean where the dark water rippled flat and we could see nothing but the sea, the golden sun setting behind the mountains and DOLPHINSSSS!

Postcards Home - Week 2 - Palolem Beach - My Culture Craving

We stared in awe as dolphin fins bobbed in and out of the water and one jumped vertically in the air. We danced with our oars in gratuity and excitement.

Postcards Home - Week 2 , Agonda - Kayaking - My Culture Craving

This evening I am getting a night bus to the ancient city of Hampi. Luckily, I have managed to recruit a couple of other backpackers to join me so, (to my Mum and Dad’s relief), I won’t be on my own for long.

After a few days in Hampi I will be heading to Bangalore and then further South to Kerala to check out the lush tea plantations, tranquil backwaters and famous Kathakali performances.

Until next week…

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    wonderful seen lets enjoy at The Bay Agonda Beach

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    Agonda is definitely the place to enjoy the vacation. But what I learned from your blog is that I have to start writing the blog like you. Highly appreciate your craft.

    February 25, 2019 at 8:16 am
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