Bangalore with a Local

Bangalore (also known as Bangaluru) is a humungous, bustling city in the state of Karnataka renowned for its booming IT industry. Although I hadn’t originally planned to visit this city, after being offered to be shown around by a local I’d met earlier on in my trip in Goa, I couldn’t turn down such a unique offer – as people say, it’s always best to see a city from a locals’ perspective!

Stopping over for a couple of days between Hampi and Munnar, I was shown the best of Bangalore’s parks, markets and food and was even able to ride in a tuk tuk using the metre (the luxuries eh…)

Here are the top sights and food I visited/tried whilst in Bangalore:


Cubbon Park

A huge park in the centre of Bangalore’s business district, Cubbon Park is a great place to escape the mania of the city, relax with a picnic and enjoy the cooling shade. Although it’s not the prettiest of parks, it does offer some colourful plants, interesting trees and a good people watching spot.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

An outstandingly beautiful park full of vibrant flowers, ancient trees, tropical plants, lakes and a glasshouse, the Botanical Gardens is the perfect place for an early morning stroll.

Watch as the locals power walk through the park as the morning mist disperses and the blazing sun rises.

Commercial Street Market

Commercial Street Market sells everything you could imagine. From delightful street food, fruit and sweets to stunning clothing, jewellery and souvenirs, if you’re looking for somewhere to shop ’till you drop, this is your place.

The central hub of the city, here, you really get a feel for the hectic buzz of Bangalore.

UB City

When you walk down UB City you feel as though you’ve been lifted out of India and plonked in Knightsbridge, London. Boasting a very fancy shopping mall and some up market bars and restaurants, it’s a good place to head to if you’re looking to splash some cash, get a decent coffee or, just to wander down to witness the contrast of this area to the rest of the city.



India is known for its very sweet, very stodgy and very yummy sweets. Counters full to the brim with different sweets line the streets of Bangalore (especially Commercial Street) so, grab a small box and choose a wide variety of different sweets to tantalize your taste buds (N.B. peda sweet was my fave).


I tasted two fruits in Bangalore, which I had never tried before – Jack fruit and Jam fruit. Jack fruit is one of the most expensive fruits you can buy in India (around 20p a piece) and is as sweet and scrumptious as money can buy whilst Jam fruit is not so sweet and commonly eaten with chilly salt (I was not a fan).


A traditional Southern Indian brekkie, Appam is an interesting concoction of fermented rice batter and coconut milk served with a selection of curries and chutneys. If you don’t mind a little spice to start your day then Appam is a must try.


Deep fried puffed up Indian bread served with a couple of fragrant curries, this dish is a wonderful breakfast to start your day with and can be found in most cafes across Bangalore.

Have you ever been to Bangalore? What were your favourite things to see/do/eat?

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