Postcards Home – Week 8

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

This week I started travelling around New Zealand on the Kiwi Experience, a hop on, hop off bus popular with backpackers.

First stop – Bay of Islands.

A picturesque patch of over 150 undeveloped islands, the Bay of Islands is a tranquil oasis of crystal clear green water home to dolphins, orcas, an array of different fish and outstanding, leafy green scenery.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

After a night of glugging back a few too many glasses of New Zealand’s delicious Sauvignon, I rolled onto the bus at 7.15am to start the trip up to the highest point of the country, Cape Reinga.

Once we’d restored our essential vits and mins (powerade, food and coffee to the rescue), we headed towards 90 mile beach, a long (and to our surprise) 60 mile beach, which stretches for as far as the eye can see. After driving along the beach for a fair few of the 60 miles, we jumped off for a spot of adrenalin.

Situated amongst rolling, green hills lay a ginormous golden sand dune. We all grabbed a bodyboard and zoomed down the dunes trying our best not to fly off at the bottom.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands - My Culture CravingWet and very sandy, we then made our way up to our last stop, Cape Reinga.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Cape Reinga Point, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Road Signs, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

Situated in a beautiful, luscious National Park and marking the highest point of New Zealand, Cape Reinga has panoramic views to die for and is where the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea meet, creating a unique collision in the water. After taking a few obligatory cringe photos, we headed home…

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Cape Reinga View, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

The next day we hopped on a boat trip to explore the islands themselves. Cruising out of the murky water of the harbour and into the translucent green water of the islands, it is easy to understand why this area is a popular spot to visit as a tourist and a local.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Bay of Islands, New Zealand - My Culture CravingThe untouched mountains sprouting vibrant greenery and unique, rugged rock formations were encapsulated by pristine turquoise bays and quaint bobbing sailing boats – I soon began to understand why everyone raves on about New Zealand’s incredible scenery.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Hole in the Rock, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

Around half an hour into the journey we were alerted of a pod of dolphins approaching. After running to the front of the boat at the speed of lightning, we were greeted by a friendly bunch of around 20 dolphins (including a bubba!!) swimming, jumping and playing next to our boat.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Dolphins, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

I could have watched them for hours however, much to my dismay, we couldn’t stay there for the whole day so we moved towards the next island…

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Snorkelling, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

Following a scenic day of floating in the water, snorkelling, playing around with my GoPro and nearly losing the whole of my bikini (and my dignity) in the boat’s boom net, we made our way back to the harbour.

Postcards Home - Week 8 - Boom Net, Bay of Islands - My Culture Craving

Since returning from the Bay of Islands, I have had a lovely few days in Auckland with my best friend’s Mum and Partner who are over visiting. Going for a yum dinner, catching up and relaxing on one of Auckland’s many hidden gems, Piha Beach, it was the perfect, relaxing few days I needed before jumping back on th Kiwi Experience.

This next week is going to be a veryyyy busy one as I work my way down South to New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, so stay tuned on social media for updates!

Until next week…

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