Postcards Home – Week 12

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

I can’t believe I have been travelling for three months. Absolute madness!!

The past week I have spent most of my time in Queenstown, an awe-inspiring town a little inland from the West coast, which earned its name for literally being ‘fit for a queen’.

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown - My Culture Craving

This town seems to be the cherry on top of every traveller’s New Zealand experience. With a crystal clear lake at its centre surrounded by chiseled mountains, sprouts of emerald-green fern trees, colourful gardens and pebbled, lake side beaches and boasting adventure activities galore and fab nightlife, it is easy to understand why this town is so highly regarded – it has everything.

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Lake - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Lake at Sunset - My Culture Craving

On our first day we went for a wander around the town to get our bearings. Exploring the peaceful lakeside, botanic gardens and many a food establishment, I fell in love instantly (not just because of the irresistible food shops…)

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Fergburger, Queenstown - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Fergburger Pie, Queenstown - My Culture CravingThat evening we put on our dancing shoes and took to the town to check out Queenstown’s notorious nightlife. A giant beer and a ride on a buckaroo later…

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Nightlife, Queenstown - My Culture Craving

Keen to not let a hangover deprive me of seeing more of Queenstown, I headed towards the town’s gondola to kick-start my day of adrenalin.

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Gondola - My Culture Craving

Jumping on a gondola, we bobbed our way up the mountain opening up outstanding views across the lake, countryside and beyond.

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Gondola View - My Culture Craving

After a very scenic brekkie, we went to check out the well-known luge track. Another of Queenstown’s adrenalin fuelled activities, luging entails sitting in a hand controlled kart and zooming down a track whilst trying not to crash (I failed). Imagine a cross between getting your driving license at Legoland and Mario Kart…

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Luging Track - My Culture Craving

After tantalising my adrenalin taste buds luging, it was time to step it up a notch – it was time to canyon swing. The highest canyon swing in the world, the concept of this terrifying activity is to jump into nothingness before a harness catches you and causes you to swing through the depths of the canyon.

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Canyon Swing - My Culture Craving

Once I had faffed around for a good 4 to 5 minutes claiming that I had changed my mind and couldn’t do it, I hurled myself off the ledge. It was incredible (despite absolutely cacking it beforehand) and I was so chuffed I managed to jump off the edge without being pushed.

The next morning we decided to delve further into Queenstown’s breathtaking scenery (and hopefully burn off some of the burgers and pies we’d been scoffing the previous few days) by renting bikes. Starting at the botanic gardens, we cycled for five hours all the way around the lake, admiring the beautiful backdrop as well as, the very fancy, expensive houses. Although as we re approached the gardens I felt as though I might pass out sideways into a bush (or the lake), it was worth the nearing asthma attack to enjoy the fresh air and see the town from a different perspective.

Postcards Home - Week 12 - Queenstown Cycling - My Culture Craving

This week I will be making my way back up to Auckland as my time on the Kiwi Experience comes to an end and reality begins…

Until next week…

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