Six Items I Would Not Be Able To Live Without Whilst Travelling

Having now been travelling for just over three months, I have come to discover, which items in my bag I would not be able to live without.

So, for all you backpackers out there who are soon going to be packing for a trip of a lifetime, make sure you don’t forget these travel essentials!

Power pack

These days backpackers are travelling around with so many electronics (me being one of these travellers), it is hard to ensure that your phone, camera(s), tablet etc. are all charged for when you need them – especially on inevitable long journeys.

Enter the power pack…

Literally a compact pack of power, this travel essential is a god send. Enabling you to charge your electronics on the go by plugging your lead into its USB port (as long as you’ve remembered to charge the pack!), it is ideal for lengthy trips when you want your phone, films, music or a book to pass the time.

As well as this, if you buy a power pack with multiple USB plugs, it is ideal for hostel rooms with minimal plugs (which is a lot more often than you’d expect).

Baggy clothes

The first time I went travelling I regretfully packed a lot of tight strappy tops with the intention that they would ‘go with everything’. But realistically, who wants to be wearing tight clothes in boiling hot weather, when you’re also likely to put on a few pounds? Not me.

This time I’d learnt from my mistake and bought a load of oversized baggy t-shirts, shorts, playsuits (great for dressing up and down) and trousers for my trip. I’ve never travelled comfier…

Two in one head pillow

On this trip I have been travelling with a squishy neck pillow that comfortably sits around my neck (ideal for bus journeys) and, which also morphs into a regular, rectangular shaped pillow (perfect for sleeper buses and trains).

Although you may think these pillows are rather bulky to carry, they strap easily onto the outside of any rucksack. Problem solved!


Taking the weight out of reading whilst travelling and enabling you to download books from Amazon instantly, I don’t know what I would do without my Kindle.

I’ve recently signed up to Kindle Unlimited, which allows you to download/loan an unlimited number of chosen books for £7.99 a month (a lot of these books are Lonely Planet guides, which is very handy and cost-effective!)


These may not be the prettiest or most fashionable sandals you’ve even seen however, once you’ve broken these bad boys in (which can take some time), they are the comfiest shoes in the world.

Costing between £20-75 depending on the style/number of straps you’re after, they’re not the cheapest footwear but are definitely worth the investment.


Pashminas are so diverse.

Whether you need something to wrap around your shoulders, something to lie on on the beach or something to use as a towel, a pashmina can assist you in all of the above. If you’re heading to Asia, you’re best off waiting to buy one when you get there. My pash cost me £1.50 from Anjuna Flee Market in Goa and is still going strong.

What are your ‘can’t live without’ items whilst travelling?

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