Ten Things I am Loving About New Zealand

Having now lived/travelled in New Zealand for almost three months, I have very much settled into the chilled out, Kiwi way of life and am absolutely loving it…

Therefore, I have compiled this list of the top ten things I am loving about living in New Zealand so far:

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Coffee - My Culture Craving

The coffee

From working at a cafe over the past few weeks I have learnt that Kiwi’s do not do coffee half-heartedly.

From trim, half strength, soy flat whites in a mug to triple shot, long blacks in a glass with hot water and cream on the side, everyone has their own personal picky preference for their coffee – and understandably, because it is so bloomin’ good.

If you know me well or, have met me in the morning pre caffeine, you’ll know that coffee is a very big part of my life, which is why New Zealand’s smooth, fragrant blend has made me a very happy bunny each morning since I arrived.

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Fergburger - My Culture Craving

The food

New Zealander’s don’t let you down on the food front either.

All of the multicultural cuisines such as, Chinese, Indian and Thai taste as good as they would if they were cooked in their own country, the sushi is crazy delicious and cheap and don’t even get me started on the burgers and pastries…

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Scenery - My Culture Craving

The scenery

Renowned for being the backdrop to the scenic Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, New Zealand is not short on National Park’s and scenery to take your breath away.

Wherever you are, be it a huge city or driving down a country lane, you’ll be surrounded by untouched mountains, lakes and forestry.

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Maori Tribe - My Culture Craving

The culture

It is incredibly heart warming to see how much the people of New Zealand embrace their Maori culture.

From the Maori symbols scattered throughout the country to the All Blacks rugby team performing the haka before each game, you are constantly reminded of the county’s unique, tribal history.

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Vineyard - My Culture Craving

The wine

Three words – New. Zealand. Sauvignon…

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Dolphins - My Culture Craving

The wildlife

New Zealand has some of the finest wildlife in the world. From whales, dolphins and orcas to seals, penguins and kiwi birds, there’s enough wildlife to keep any animal buff busy for their whole trip.

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Wellington - My Culture Craving

The cities

New Zealand boasts some of the coolest cities I have ever visited.

From the bright lights of the city I currently call home – Auckland to the hip windy capital of Wellington and the adrenalin capital of the world, Queenstown, each city is unique in its own little way and of course, is surrounded by fabulous scenery.

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Brunch - My Culture Craving

The healthiness

Although this may not be one, which I have embraced to its full potential as yet, New Zealand is extremely health conscious.

There are vegan, organic and gluten-free cafes on every corner, smoothie bars galore and I’m sure everybody either owns a gym membership or are a part of a running club.

I’m still waiting for my health kick to set in but as I laid out in number two, I’m torn between the two…

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Cape Reinga, New Zealand - My Culture Craving

The cleanliness

This one doesn’t need much explaining…

Everyone respects their surroundings and there is very little litter.

Ten Things I am Loving about New Zealand - Lake - My Culture Craving

The weather

This may be a little prematurely optimistic however, Autumn has now set in in the Southern Hemisphere and yet, I’m still spending my days off work lying in the sun with a good book – something, which in England would be a laughable idea at this time of year.

I’ve been told winter in Auckland doesn’t go below 16 degrees so I’m holding all my hopes on this…

Ten Things I am Loving About New Zealand - Wellington - My Culture Craving

The people

And topping off the reasons why I am loving this country, every Kiwi I have met have been laid back, polite and smiley.

Have you ever been to New Zealand? What did you love most about this inspiring country?

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