Post Auckland: Where Am I Going Next?

As most of you will probably know, for the past four and a bit months I have been working and living in Auckland. This is the longest time I have ever stayed in one place whilst travelling and although I am beginning to get slight itchy feet, I am absolutely loving spending some much-needed quality time with my bestie who has lived here for the past two years.

As I am now very much settled (I even have a gym regime!), the idea of leaving this city is a sad concept however, my next travel plans are so exciting I am hoping these will ease my reluctance to leave.

It’s now come to the point where I can no longer put off booking my ongoing flights and, as I begin to research my next few destinations, I thought I would share with you guys what I have planned so I can get any advice you may have on things to see/do/not to do.

So, without further ado, here are my travel plans from September…

September – Fiji

Around the second week in September I will be re joining the solo traveller tribe and flying to Nadi, Fiji for a few weeks of island hopping.

After five months of being back in the working world in Auckland, I think this stop will consist of a lot of floating around in the pristine Pacific waters, snorkelling, uncovering the intriguing Fijian culture and getting back into the jist of backpacker life.

Post Auckland: Where Am I Going Next? - The Philippines - My Culture Craving

October – Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and The Philippines

Next up, I will be popping over to Melbourne for a week-long city break.

Australia wasn’t originally in my plan as I thought I’d save some pennies by heading straight over to Asia however, most flights from Fiji seem to go via Oz so I thought, why the heck not?!

I’ve never been to Melbourne and from what I’ve heard from friends and fellow bloggers it’s right up my street. I’m going to stop over for a week to dose up on some quality coffee and hopefully meet up with friends who are currently living in Brisbane (Lauren and Ryan from Flat Earth Mag!)

Next stop, Asia! I haven’t been back to Asia since my first big trip back in 2011 so I’m very excited to head back and explore some new countries and as always, learn about some new cultures.

I will be utilising another stop over on the way to the Philippines by extending my stay in Kuala Lumpur for a few nights. I’ve never been to Malaysia (minus admiring it from above on a couple of stop overs) and am therefore, very keen to make the most of slotting it in on this trip to see what this bustling city has to offer.

After sampling all of the street food on offer in the Malaysian capital, I’ll be hopping over to Manila in the Philippines. I’ve been advised by tourists and Phillipinos alike to escape Manila ASAP so, I will probably beeline for the islands as soon as I get there and start enjoying the reflective white sandy beaches and translucent green waters I’ve gawped at in pictures for so long.

Swimming with whale sharks will also be high up on my to do list.

Post Auckland: Where Am I Going Next? –Bali, Indonesia – My Culture Craving

November – Indonesia

Indonesia is an extremely exciting stop for me as one of my best friends from home will be coming out to spend two weeks in Bali with me. I won’t have seen her for almost a year (eeekk!).

On top of this, as I research the next part of my travels, Indonesia keeps popping up and impressing me time and time again. From the wildlife in Borneo to the snorkelling and culture in Bali, it seems to have so much to offer I’m slightly worried a month won’t be enough (any thoughts on this?)

At the moment, the plan is to spend around a week in Borneo before working my way down from Jakarta to Bali where I’ll meet my friend. I’m also very keen to travel to Guinea however, am unsure how easily accessible this is without flying…

Post Auckland: Where Am I Going Next? – Thailand – My Culture Craving

December – Thailand

Perhaps the most exciting month of all, on 9th December my family will be flying out to Thailand to spend Christmas with me. As they only have just over 2 weeks, we have an itinerary booked through Kuoni.

Starting in Bangkok, we will have a couple of days exploring the capital’s manic streets before jetting off to Chiang Mai to fulfil my sisters dream of visiting an elephant sanctuary.

We will then be flying down South to Koh Lanta where we will spend the remaining of my parents’ trip island hopping, snorkelling and making up for a year apart.

When my parents leave on 27th December, I will no longer be travelling solo as my little sister will be staying with me to backpack around Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam for a few months. I wonder if we will both make it to April without killing each other…

After April…

As always, I have a crazy number of other destination jumping around my head (Japan, USA, South America, South Africa, to name but a few) however, in April I will have to reassess my funds and see whether these dreams will be able to become a reality. But, as I always like to say, where there’s a will there’s a way…

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    So many exciting plans Lydia! Can’t wait to read all about them.

    June 15, 2016 at 5:05 pm
    • Reply Lydia

      Thanks Ellen! I’m so excited :). What do you have planned for your adventures next?

      June 16, 2016 at 6:40 am

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