Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland

The past week Fran and I have been playing host to our pal Kristie who has been visiting us in Auckland from the UK.

Ecstatic to see her after so long, we planned a jam-packed, fun-filled week of exploring Auckland plus, a fleeting trip out of the city to the Bay of Islands. Although I will be covering other parts of our trip in some upcoming blog posts, today I’m going to write about our lavelyyy day out visiting Mount Eden.

As I had never visited this popular sight in Auckland either, I thought it would be a great opportunity to explore an area of the city, which was new and exciting for both of us…

One of the most well-known and prominent volcanic cones in Auckland, Mount Eden is an easy stroll up from the sleepy town of Mount Eden and offers magnificent 360 degree views of the city and beyond.

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - View - My Culture Craving

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Panoramic View - My Culture Craving

We started our day with a spot of lunch at The Return of Rad, a hip cafe I’d been recommended by a friend. Offering a unique Vietnamese infused menu as well as their own delicious coffee, it was a great way to start the day. I went for Grandma’s pork banh mi…

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Sandwich at Return of Rad - My Culture Craving

Whilst Kristie opted for the black stack burger…

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Return of Rad - My Culture Craving

Once we felt sufficiently fuelled for the walk, we meandered towards the Mount Eden walking track.

Taking all of 5-10 minutes to reach the top, it was crazy how phenomenal the views were once we had reached the summit. On one side we were treated to the iconic sky tower skyline whilst on the other side we were blessed with views across the city’s suburbs, parks and water.

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Volcanic Cone - My Culture Craving

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - View of Rangitoto - My Culture Craving

Once I’d twirled around enough times to really take in and appreciate the view (and embarrass Kristie at the same time) we then became engrossed by the vibrant green crater, which sat in the centre of the mound.

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Looking Fly - My Culture Craving

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Being Weird - My Culture Craving

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Views over Auckland - My Culture Craving

Finding ourselves questioning how fun/dangerous it would be to roly poly down the steep edge of the crater, we decided to play it safe and find a peaceful tuft of grass to admire the view from instead.

Climbing Mount Eden, Auckland - Crater - My Culture Craving

The only thing missing was a glass of New Zealand’s finest and a picnic.

Our day out to Mount Eden was wonderful, made all the way better by the crisp winter sunshine, which continued to shine throughout the day.

Pack a picnic and your best friend for the perfect day taking in the views of Auckland.

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