Why I Always Use Skyscanner

I started this week on a very high note – I found out I’d been accepted to be a part of the Skyscanner Elite team.

As you can imagine, I was chuffffeeddd. Not only is Skyscanner a great company to be associated with but, it’s also a company I absolutely love and use all the time.

If you’re an avid traveller, I’m sure you’ve already heard of and used Skyscanner. However, if you haven’t, your life is about to get a lot easier…

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a travel search engine, which compares different websites to find you the best flight deals to your chosen destination on your chosen date as well as, hotels and rental cars.

Once you’ve found your perfect flights/hotel/car rental, Skyscanner then redirects you to the company’s website to finalise your booking.

Whenever I’m looking to book a new trip, Skyscanner is always the first place I go to get an idea of price as well as, the different airlines that fly to where I want to go.

They show you the price with tax etc. included and have more partners than any other company. Meaning, you don’t have to search anywhere else to find the best deals. Easy peasy.

What does being a part of Skyscanner Elite mean?

Essentially, it means I’m an ambassador for the company.

I will be sharing the Skyscanner love with my readers as well as, telling you all about any great deals I’m made aware of, best times to book flights, different features available to use on Skyscanner etc.

What does it mean for my blog?

Absolutely nothing will change on my blog. As always, all thoughts and opinions will be my own.

If you’re new to Skyscanner, here are some great special features to get you started…

The search ‘everywhere’ option

If you have a few days off work and fancy popping abroad on the cheap, Skyscanner gives you the genius option to search ‘everywhere’ on destination. This means that the search will show you where you can fly on your chosen dates for the cheapest.

It’s a spontaneous way to book a trip and, means you’re likely to discover a new country/city, which you might not have necessary thought about visiting – it’s a win win.

Price alerts

If you have your eye on a flight but want to hold off in case the price goes down, you can set up a price alert through Skyscanner. You’ll then be notified as soon as the price of the flight changes.

Whole month view

Skyscanner has a fab feature where you can browse the price of flights throughout a whole month. Therefore, if your plans aren’t rigid, you can see which dates in the month are cheapest to fly on.

I recently booked a flight from Auckland to Wellington. When it came to booking my flight back, the price on the Sunday was $145 whereas, I could see on Skyscanner’s calendar that the flight on the Monday was $40. What a difference! I quickly booked the flight on the Monday happy as Larry that I’d managed to save myself over $100.

And this can all be done quickly on the go with the Skyscanner app…

I’m so happy to be a part of the Skyscanner Elite team and can’t wait to help influence others to book incredible, great value trips through their website!

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