12 Things I’m Going to Miss Most About Living in Auckland, New Zealand

Over the past 7 months, Auckland and New Zealand have become my home.

I’ve reunited with my best friend, travelled the country tip to toe, admired scenery so beautiful I didn’t know it could exist, found myself a job at a cafe where I’ve met some incredible people, been welcomed into multiple homes and, drank an unholy amount of NZ coffee and Sav. It’s been an unforgettable 7 months and I’m gutted to be leaving in a week.

However, adventure (and Fiji) calls.

So, here are the top 12 things I’m going to miss most about living in Auckland, New Zealand.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – Maori Culture – My Culture Craving

Maori culture

From everything being written in both Maori and English to the Haka being performed before every All Blacks rugby game, in New Zealand, you’re forever reminded of the country’s fascinating culture and history.

I will miss how much New Zealand’s culture is respected and embraced by Kiwis and expats alike.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – Wine – My Culture Craving


Bring your own alcohol restaurants are everywhere in Auckland. For a few dollars corkage, you can buy wine from the offy and drink it alongside a delicious meal.

I will miss this whole new realm of affordable pre drinking.


If you’ve ever been to New Zealand or, know a Kiwi, you’ll understand this. It seems as though everyone in New Zealand needs a little reassurance about everything they say. This coffee has sugar in, eh? We’re leaving at 7, eh? You’re from England, eh?

I will miss chuckling to myself every time someone says this.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – Coffee – My Culture Craving


My lord, the Kiwi’s sure know how to make a good cuppa. They pride themselves on how fresh and carefully put together each cup is and it shows.

I will desperately miss large triple shot flat whites in a bowl.

Kiwi dip

Kiwi dip was one of the first things my friend insisted I try when I arrived in Auckland. A mixture of onion soup powder and Nestle reduced cream, it is a strange combo, which works OH so well.

I will miss sinking a whole pack of grain waves with this dip.

What I'll Miss Most About Living in Auckland - Cafe Culture - My Culture Craving

Cafe culture

Since arriving in Auckland, I’ve spent most of my days off work lurking in different cafes sampling unique dishes, drinks and coffee. I’ve uncovered some gems, which I’ll be sharing with you all in the next few weeks!

I will miss sitting and writing in some of trendiest cafes I’ve ever been to.

What I'll Miss Most About Living in Auckland - Cornwall Park Sunrise - My Culture Craving

Cornwall Park sunrises

Even though waking up for work at 5.30am most mornings has been killer, each day I’ve arrived at the cafe at dawn (in Cornwall Park) I’ve been treated to some of the most mesmerizing sunrises I’ve ever seen.

I will miss watching these misty mornings transform with the colourful blaze of sunshine.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – Skytower – My Culture Craving

Skytower skyline

Wherever you are in the city, you’re always greeted with an impressive view of Auckland’s iconic Skytower.

I will miss waving to it every time I see it.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – One Tree Hill – My Culture Craving


Auckland has some of the most fascinating scenery I’ve ever seen. Scattered throughout the city’s suburbs are vibrant green towering volcanic cones and, drifting off of the coastline, are unique volcanic islands.

I will miss seeing a cone of green everywhere I go.


New Zealand’s pastries put Ginsters to shame. Everywhere you go, you’re guaranteed a freshly made, beefy sausage roll or a succulent, flaky pie.

I will miss stuffing my face with homemade pastries at every given opportunity.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – Waiheke Island – My Culture Craving

Waiheke Island

My haven. My love. Waiheke Island is what dreams are made of. Floating 45 minutes from Auckland harbour, Waiheke is doused in vineyards, beaches and pristine countryside.

I will miss having vineyards full to the brim with scrumdumptious wine on my doorstep.

What I’ll Miss Most About Living in Auckland – Bestie – My Culture Craving

And finally, my bestie

My best friend from the UK (who now lives in Auckland) was the reason why I chose to settle in Auckland so, spending some quality time with her and seeing her life on the other side of the world has been incredible.

I will miss our white wine Thursday dates more than anything.

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