Postcards Home – Week 42

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my Instagram pics, you’ll know that I was a big big fan of Singapore.

I didn’t have many expectations for the country other than a few recommendations I’d been given by friends and other travellers. Therefore, I was so surprised by how much I loved it – why hadn’t I been there before!?

Like I said in my Instagram post, it is a city of contrasting cultures, colours, lifestyles and food. It is so easy to get around thanks to its efficient MRT train system and is entirely stress-free (something which is very surprising for a large city in Asia).

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Chinatown in Singapore - My Culture Craving

I stayed at a hostel in Little India, which was around a 40 minute train ride from the airport.

On my first day of exploring, I decided to have a mooch around the area I was staying – I am the number one keeno beano for India after all.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Little India, Singapore - My Culture Craving

And of course, I loved it. Everything from the busy hustle and bustle of the streets and markets to the smell of incense drifting from the temples and shops, Little India was India without the constant touts and hassle (what a perfect combo)!

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Little India Market, Singapore - My Culture Craving

I then grabbed a train to the Quay by the waterfront and was transported to an entirely different vision of Singapore.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Singapore Skyline - My Culture Craving

Shiny high-rise skyscrapers outlined the water whilst quirky shaped, spaceship-esque buildings were sprinkled throughout. Ginormous malls showcasing high-end brands sparkled in the sunshine and the Gardens by the Bay super trees sprouted from behind.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - View in Singapore - My Culture Craving

All of which were overshadowed by the intriguing/garish (it has mixed reviews) Marina Bay Sands…

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore - My Culture Craving

Everything was pristine, clean and orderly.

The next day I decided to hit up Chinatown for a day of scoffing my face with some of the city’s finest street food.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Singapore - My Culture Craving

Street food is a huge part of Singapore’s culture. However, the ‘hawker centres’ which house the food stalls were not how I had imagined them to be.

Rather than a few rickety stands cooking up a storm on one hot plate in the street, Singapore’s hole-in-the-wall food stands were located on a floor within the lavish shopping malls. Offering cuisine from all over Asia, it was a tough choice deciding what to go for. In the end, I opted for fried carrot cake – a dish, which I remembered reading about but had no idea what it was…

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Street Food, Singapore - My Culture Craving

After another stroll, I went to a different floor of food to find ‘Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle’, a food stall, which has been awarded a Michelin star. I spotted a hefty queue and knew I must have found it. After an hour and fifteen minutes wait, I was finally close enough to smell their specialities – fragrant chicken and pork.

I went for the chicken with ho fun noodles doused in tangy soy sauce. It was delicious, succulent and cost a grand total of £1.50 – you couldn’t even buy a bottle of coke for that in England!

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Street Food in Singapore - My Culture Craving

I spent my last night in Singapore at the Gardens by the Bay watching the fascinating light show they put on twice a night with a group of friends I’d met at my hostel.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Trees by the Bay, Singapore - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Singapore Flyer - My Culture Craving

Before pretending for the evening that we weren’t backpackers and heading up to the sky bar at the top of Marina Bay Sands for a Singapore Sling overlooking the city.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - My Culture Craving

Cheers Singapore for a fabulous stay.

Postcards Home - Week 42 - Singapore Sling - My Culture Craving

I’m now on the island of Palawan in the Philippines island hopping. Next stop: Caron (give it a Google)!

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