Postcards Home – Week 44

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

I began the last week with one of the longest journeys to date (on this trip). Due to a typhoon, which was whirl-winding its way through the North of the Philippines, my 2GO ferry from Coron to Manila was delayed by five hours and then took twenty hours rather than the usual fifteen.

However, it was nothing a bottle of rum and a few card games couldn’t help us get through.

The ferry itself was nice and smooth and I had a bed to relax in to help pass the time. However, the animals which were being kept with no food and water a deck above me left me very unsettled. So, in the spirit of the RSPCA, I spent my time feeding and giving them water in an attempt to make their journey a little more bearable.

Once we finally spotted the skyline of Manila we rejoiced before remembering we still had a rather long journey ahead of us. We emerged into the manic hustle and bustle of nighttime Manila (which was quite the experience) before hopping/hiding in a taxi to the airport.

A five-hour wait in the airport, a one hour flight to Cebu, a three-hour sleep on the airport floor and a four-hour bus journey later, we arrived on the island of Malapascua – an island located just off of the North of Cebu and one of the friendliest places I have ever been.

Postcards Home - Week 44 - Boat, Malapascua Island, The Philippines - My Culture Craving

Obviously rather sleepy, we spent our first day mooching around and making the most of the pristine weather on the beach. That night, we were told that there was a party on the island which happens every Saturday and brings locals of all ages and tourists together. Intrigued, we powered through our tiredness.

And OH how glad we were that we did.

After a few drinks in the treehouse at our hostel we wandered towards the party.

Postcards Home - Week 44 - Sunset, Malapascua Island, The Philippines - My Culture Craving

Hosted in a basketball court, there was a DJ at the far end of the court, drink stands surrounding it and gambling games scattered throughout. Hilariously/worryingly, the ratio to adults and children gambling was pretty even. We overlooked as everyone placed their bets on the Filipino’s interpretation of roulette – there are some rather tactful children on Malapascua…

It was an incredible and unique experience where locals and travellers could come together, laugh and dance.

I have spent the past few days relaxing on the beach, snorkelling  (and finding Nemo!) and taking in the friendly atmosphere of the island before making my way down to Moalboal for what’s been dubbed by my friend as ‘the best snorkelling she’s ever seen’.

Postcards Home - Week 44 - Boat, Malapascua Island, The Philippines - My Culture Craving

Postcards Home - Week 44 - Nemo, Malapascua Island, The Philippines - My Culture Craving

Until next week…

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