Postcards Home – Week 52

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,


This week’s Postcards Home post is a little bit shorter than usual as I have spent the past week doing very very little other than relaxing – eat, sleep, relax, repeat.

I have spent the festive season with my family at the spectacular Twin Lotus Resort and Spa on Koh Lanta island in the South of Thailand.

And BOY have I lapped up every second of living in luxury.

The hotel was out of this world.

Boasting two tranquil infinity pools (one of which overlooked the beachfront), a ginormous room and balcony, a lavish breakfast spread and the most wonderful staff, it was the perfect place to spend Christmas and to end my parent’s time in Thailand.

As well as doing a lot of chillaxing around the hotel, we also filled our time exploring Koh Lanta, visiting some of the surrounding islands, doing morning yoga, learning to cook our favourite Thai dishes and eating and drinking A LOT.

We even managed to sneak in a cheeky Thai massage at the hotel spa, which was heavenly.

After a week of enjoying the slow pace of island life, we were joined by my best friend, Fran, who flew over from Auckland to spend Christmas with us.

Reunions are the best!

On Christmas Eve, we all treated ourselves to an extravagant buffet gala dinner at our hotel. We stuffed our faces with everything from juicy carpaccio, salmon gravlax and salad to flavoursome barbecue chicken, prawns and squid, all of which were washed down with a keg of beer (oops) and a fire show – it was divine.

We then spent Christmas Day making the most of the beautiful weather by the peaceful garden pool before a hearty Thai dinner.

Unfortunately, on Boxing Day, it was time to say goodbye to my parents as they started their journey back to the UK.

However, I haven’t been left completely family-less as my sister has stuck around to travel South East Asia with me for the next three months.

After very reluctantly waving goodbye to Twin Lotus, we moved further down the beach to a budget backpacker hostel for one last day on the island before heading to the notorious island of Koh Phangan for the NYE Full Moon Party.

We will be staying on the island for five nights where we will inevitably drink a lot of buckets, party until the sun comes up and hopefully squeeze in some exploration of the island’s hidden beaches, waterfalls and flora and fauna.

Until next week…

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