Postcards Home – Week 53

To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

The past week has been crazayyyy.

After leaving Koh Lanta we made our way to Koh Phangan, an island on the other side of the South peninsular of Thailand for the notorious Full Moon Party for New Year’s Eve.

I had already been to a Full Moon Party way back when in my Gap Year so was intrigued to see how it differed to before/if I could still hack it.

We arrived a few days before New Year’s Eve to settle in and enjoy a couple of nights out leading up to the biggun.

We drank buckets, doused ourselves in neon paint and danced the night away with sand (and probably glass) between our toes.

Despite the abundance of annoying Brits abroad, it was such great fun to dance, laugh and frolic around with some of my favourite people.

When NYE hit, the streets of Haad Rin (the area where the Full Moon Party is held) came alive.

Techno music blared out of every shop, bar and restaurant, stalls selling bright buckets filled with local spirits and mixer lined the streets, garish neon t-shirts, shorts and dresses screamed from every shop corner and rowdy drunken idiots were everywhereeee.

After a few pre buckets the entirety of Haad Rin poured onto the beach for the New Year countdown.

Every beach bar along the stretch of the sand was jam-packed with partygoers dancing on tables, jumping through fire blazing skipping ropes and sliding down rickety old slides attached to bars.

It was mayhem.

We danced in a torrential downpour, cheered to the New Year with a bucket and stuffed our faces with obligatory 7Eleven cheese and ham toasties at the end of the night before passing out in bed.

I can’t deny that I had an amazing few days at the Full Moon Party (it turns out I can just about still hack it). However, I definitely won’t be returning again.

The grimy, bottle-filled beach, constant offer of magic mushrooms and boisterous crowds was a constant reminder of the not-so-great side to tourism and a side to tourism that I am now very much over.

It’s a party like no other so, love it or hate it, it is worth experiencing once. However, be careful and have your wits about you – there’s always a horror story to follow the next day…

Once we’d recovered from New Year, we caught a boat over to Koh Samui for some relaxation and TLC as well as, to meet yet another one of my best friends who was flying out to visit (I’ve been so so lucky these past few months)!!

Unfortunately, my friend also bought along the English rain. For the three days we were on the island, it rained constantly to the point where the roads were flooded and it was looking unlikely that we were going to be able to escape the island before it worsened.

Luckily, we made it out just in time.

Our bus was almost floating along roads, which were swamped in rainwater and the effect the rain had on the locals’ houses, shops and vehicles was devastating to see. So, it’s safe to say we were very thankful to be on dry ground when we arrived in Bangkok.

We are now in Siem Reap in Cambodia where we intend to have a couple of days relaxing by the pool teamed with a few days of culture, exploring the famous temples of Angkor Wat.

Until next week…

Note: apologies about the lack of/terrible quality photos in this post – there was nooooo way I was taking my good camera anywhere near the beach 😂

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