The Best Smoothies You’ll Ever Taste: Ceviches el Pollo, Masaya

Whilst living and working in Masaya, Nicaragua I sampled most food establishments on offer. From traditional comedors and street stalls to western cafes and pizza parlours, there was a lot of choice to fill my forever grumbling tum.

Yet, nothing quite hit the spot like Ceviches el Pollo.

Somewhat famous amongst the Raleigh family, this batido (smoothie) stall was a saving grace for any staff member in need of relaxation, refreshment or rejuvenation at any point during a hot working day in the office. If you were having a tough day, ‘the smoothie place’ would without a doubt be the answer to your problems.

A vibrant, outdoor restaurant located on the edge of Masaya’s Parque de Central, Ceviches el Pollo serves THE BEST smoothies you will ever have the pleasure of tasting. Its rustic fluorescent painted furniture is complimented by cute strings of fairy lights draped above and its position in the park offers up an excellent people watching spot.

The front of the stall is always piled high with a mouth-watering display of the fresh fruit of the day and the small team of welcoming staff are always scurrying around seeing to everyone’s needs. The menu has one page for batidos…

And one side for food…

All smoothies are made fresh from nothing but your choice of fruit and are served in huge tall glasses with a wedge of fruit. The perfect dose of vitamin D on a sweltering Nicaraguan day.

My personal favourites were pineapple, coconut, avocado and ginger, mango, passionfruit and coconut and pineapple, strawberry, banana and mint. They also serve vegetable and green smoothies as well as, milkshakes if you want to mix it up and have something a bit different.

Although the smoothies here are a revelation in themselves, a trip to Ceviches el Pollo wouldn’t be complete without some… ummm… ceviche.

Zesty, fresh and darn right delicious, this restaurant still holds the medal for the best ceviche I’ve had on my travels so far. You can have it with fish, prawns or both and is served with my favourite accompaniment to any dish in Central America, tostones (squashed, deep-fried plantain) as well as, a huge, well dressed salad. If you don’t fancy fish, they also serve succulent grilled chicken or, tostones and cheese with salad. All these dishes cost around 200 cordobas (approx $5) and are easily big enough to be shared between two.

If none of this takes your fancy (you’re mad), my other fave dish was their emparedados. A sandwich made from tostones instead of bread and filled with either chicken or prawns with salad in a zingy dressing. Add a side of patatas fritas and you’re good to go. Delicioso!

Ceviches el Pollo is open everyday (apart from Tuesdays) from around 11am – 9pm and is a must visit if you’re in Masaya!

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