Sunday Lunch at The White Horse, Kings Sutton

There is no better way to spend a Sunday lunch than snuggled up in a cosy pub stuffing your face with an oversized roast!

A couple of Sundays ago my friend and I decided that a week of dieting was more than enough dedication to reward ourselves with a lunch out. Our choice of restaurant? The White Horse in Kings Sutton.

Kings Sutton is a cute village located around 10 minutes from Banbury and 20 minutes from Bicester. Hiding in the shadows of the imposing village church you’ll spot the pretty sandstone pub in the corner. There is a small car park to the rear of the restaurant but when we arrived it was rammed so found a spot on the road nearby.

On arrival we were greeted by the friendly bar staff who told us that our table was just being relayed. We ordered a drink whilst we waited – Italian red for me and a non alcoholic Old Mout Cider for Nicole. The first glass of red I was poured was actually off however, they very swiftly poured me a fresh one without batting an eye lid which I very much appreciated!

A few heavenly sips later we were shown through to our table.

The restaurant is very cute. Low ceilings adorned in dark beams can be found throughout, tartan cushions decorated the seating areas, a charismatic fire place crackled in the corner and the running theme of white horses couldn’t be missed…

We’d already perused the menu online, so both had a pretty good idea of what we were going to order before we’d even stepped foot in the restaurant. We were offered a choice of fruit garnish for our water and then ordered.

Within minutes a basket filled with warm fluffy bread arrived at our table accompanied by the yummiest whipped butter – regular and marmite flavoured – COME. TO. MAMMA.

For starter I went for the Oxford blue cheese with red wine poached pear, pickled celery and walnut dressing and Nicole opted for the cured Scottish salmon with buttermilk dressing and buckwheat…

As soon as we set eyes on our first dishes, we realised the menu was a teaser to the fresh ingredients being used in the kitchen that day but not to what they were going to do with them.

My blue cheese was laced through a creamy quenelle that sat atop a few small juicy pieces of pear. It was dainty but packed a punch of flavour and was the perfect size to warm up my tummy for the roast to follow.

Nicole’s salmon was actually salmon tartar coated in the buttermilk dressing.

Not long after our starters were cleared the main event arrived! I went for the veggie option – honey roast celeriac with chestnuts, quince, roast potatoes and seasonal veg with an obligatory yorkie pud on the side.

Nicole went for the pork belly, which sat on a bed of cabbage and bacon. Both were delicious and the perfect size for you to feel full… but not ‘I need to desperately lie down’ full.

We’d said we wouldn’t have a pudding as we were meant to be on our January diet hype but when Nicole said she had never had a sticky toffee pudding before, I used this as the perfect excuse to order one. Nicole’s face was true euphoria when she took her first bite.

It had the perfect balance of butterscotch sauce to pudding and the brandy snap was a great crunchy addition.

The White Horse definitely lived up to its hype. At the very reasonable price of £20 for 2 courses and £24 for 3 courses on a Sunday, I felt like it was also amazing value for money! The service was impeccable, the food was faultless and the attention to detail made it stand out from other pubs/restaurants in the area – I will definitely be returning!

*Please note this is not a sponsored post*

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