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    An Expat’s Guide to the Cafes in Auckland, New Zealand

    Auckland has an awesome cafe scene.

    As soon as I started working at the cafe in Cornwall Park, I began to notice how much the cafe prided itself on amazingly crafted coffee and food (the mention of instant coffee in trendy ol’ Auckland is taboo) and wondered how it varied at my work to other cafes in the city. So, I took it upon myself to find out – I’m nice like that.

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    Brunch Heaven at Hello Friends + Allies, Auckland

    You may have noticed that there has been a ridiculous amount of food porn clogging up my Instagram page recently (you’re welcome).

    Well, this is because I’ve been working on a little project since I arrived in Auckland. After discovering that Auckland is bursting with outstanding coffee and cafes, I took it upon myself to check out the best of the best cafes in the city so that I could then report back to you guys (you’re most welcome again)…

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    Pigging Out at Parnell Farmers’ Market, Auckland

    In Auckland, it seems to be standard procedure to wake up on a Sunday morning, contemplate life and then decide where to brunch.

    Much to my dismay, I work at a very popular brunch spot in Cornwall Park. So, I tend to spend my Sunday morning’s drooling over other people’s eggs bene rather than enjoying my own.

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    Plain Indian Dosa Recipe

    A dosa is a huge savoury pancake filled with everything from potato, ghee and masala spices to beetroot, carrot and grated coconut and are most commonly eaten in India for breakfast.

    Although they look a lot like pancakes, they are made using completely different ingredients and using a completely different method.

    Follow these easy steps to make your own delicious dosas at home.

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