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    Five Unmissable Spots in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

    I’d heard a lot about Bocas del Toro in Panama on the Central American gringo grapevine.

    Stories of quiet islands engulfed by still, crystalline turquoise waters. Untouched lush jungle and tangled mangroves sprouting from the silky Caribbean ocean. Colourful coral and starfish as intriguing and tranquil as the sloths in the trees above.

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    What I Learnt From Volunteering as Communications Officer for Raleigh International 

    Over the past three months, I have been volunteering as Raleigh International and ICS’ Communications Officer in Costa Rica and Nicaragua (if you don’t know much about Raleigh, have a read of this blog post first).

    This position is integral in communicating to potential volunteers, donators and alumni the great work Raleigh are doing as well as the impact their work is having.

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    Post Raleigh Update

    Well haven’t I been great at keeping you all up to date on my time working as Communications Officer for Raleigh International in Nicaragua…

    My last blog post was an introduction to my new home in Masaya when I first arrived in Nicaragua in January and to be honest, since then, it’s been non-stop. From writing blog posts, conducting interviews and taking photos to visiting remote communities, building ranches and trekking volcanoes, Raleigh sure knows how to keep you occupied.

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    Settling in at Raleigh Field Base in Masaya, Nicaragua


    After a longggg radio silence on the blog, I’m back in action and most importantly, I’M BACK TRAVELLING!

    If you don’t already know, I have just arrived in the city of Masaya in Nicaragua, Central America where I will be volunteering as Communications Officer for the charity, Raleigh International for the next three months (have a read of this blog post and my JustGiving page to find out a bit more about the charity as well as, why I chose to volunteer for them).

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    A Four Week Itinerary to Vietnam

    Vietnam is bursting at the seams with mouth-watering food, marvellous scenery, hospitable locals and a rich yet, troublesome history.

    There is so much to see and do in this diverse country and it is so hard to squeeze it all into a one month visa. Therefore, I have written up my 4 week itinerary to help you with your planning.

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