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    How To Visit The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas, America

    The Grand Canyon is an indescribable vast wonder, which spreads across the state of Arizona in America. Carved out by nearly two billion years of geological change caused by the Colorado River, this jaw-dropping sight to see is a must visit if you’re in nearby Vegas/anywhere in America.

    Due to its sheer size, planning a trip to the canyon can be quite a daunting task. Therefore, I’ve put together this little guide to help you plan your visit to this outstanding corner of the world.

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    9 Things To Know Before Travelling To Myanmar

    Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is a country, which is rapidly becoming a very popular spot on many backpackers’ travel itineraries.

    Until recently, Myanmar has been isolated under a military dictatorship and therefore, has only in recent times been re-opened to the public. As a result, this country is a lot less touristy than its South East Asian counterparts and still retains its wonderful culture and charm, which is unfortunately, so quickly dissipating in other countries.

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    Postcards Home – Week 62

    To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

    Since my last Postcards Home post (read it here) I’ve gone from the tranquil beaches of Koh Chang in Thailand to the manic, palm tree-laden streets of California – both exotic but both OH so different.

    I never expected to be nervous to travel somewhere which speaks the same language as myself and that, in general, is very similar to my home country.

    Nevertheless, as I waited to board my flight to LA, I was cacking it.

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    Postcards Home – Week 61

    To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

    Our second week in Myanmar took us to a small town called Bagan. Due to its vast expanse of ancient temples sprinkled throughout the area’s bare terrain, Bagan is by far the most popular stop on every traveller’s Myanmar itinerary.

    If you’ve gawped at any of the jaw-dropping photos of the sunrise over the temples of Bagan on Insta, you’ll know why…

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    How to Travel Like a Local

    For me, travel is all about learning about and understanding different cultures as well as, seeing first hand how the locals of a country live.

    And what better way to achieve this than to travel like the locals do?

    Not only does travelling like a local benefit backpackers as they’re able to get a true taste of a culture but, it also contributes to the community and puts their money where it’s really needed.

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