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Koh Rong

    4 Places I Wish I’d Avoided On My Travels

    These days, travel is so focused on ticking off the ‘must see’ spots, which clog up every traveller’s social media feed that the real gems of a country are left hidden.

    If you’ve been to Thailand but haven’t experienced the Full Moon Party, many travellers will be shocked that you missed out on such an ‘unmissable experience’. In reality, you missed out on rubbing up against a sweaty Brit abroad in a wife beater and the chance to get burnt alive by a dodgy firework.

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    Postcards Home – Week 55

    To my dearest friends, family and fellow culture cravers,

    This week we’ve made our way from the very top of Cambodia all the way to the very bottom.

    After leaving Siem Reap, Lizzie and I made the day long journey to Banlung, the capital city of the Ratanakiri Province in the very North of Cambodia. Renowned for its picturesque crater lake, powerful waterfalls and vast and diverse National Park (Virachey), we ventured up this way in search of untouched beauty, nature and wildlife.

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