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    The Real Masaya, Nicaragua

    You may recognise the name of the town ‘Masaya’ from the turmoil, which hit the Central American country of Nicaragua in April this year.

    From January to April, I lived in Masaya working for the charity Raleigh International as their Communications Officer. On 19th April, as we were going about our usual manic day-to-day lives at the Raleigh office, riots broke out in Masaya and the capital, Managua, due to policy changes made by the government.

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    Why I Lurrrve Solo Travel

    As my time travelling alone is coming to an end (I am currently travelling with a friend in Bali and will be meeting my family in Thailand where my sister will stay and travel with me for 3 months), I have started to reflect on my time travelling on my tod.

    Since leaving England last December, I have backpacked through India, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, The Philippines and Malaysia and have loved every second of doing it as an independent gal. Even though I have had the best time exploring Bali with my friend and am very excited to travel with my sister, I can’t help but feel a little sad that I won’t be a solo traveller anymore.

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