The Pizza Boys at The Angel, Bicester

LydiaOctober 28, 2020

The Pizza Boys have built themselves quite the reputation in the Bicester area! Before I’d checked them out for myself, I’d heard mutterings on the Bicester grapevine that they dish up the best pizzas in town, so it didn’t take me long to jump on the bandwagon…

Who are The Pizza Boys?

The Pizza Boys aka. Danny and Simon set up their custom made trailer business just over 2 years ago. Offering excellent quality Neapolitan style pizzas with a delicious choice of seasonal toppings, they’re available to hire for weddings, birthdays or any event where you fancy gorging on amazing pizza (most).  With events being put on the backburner for the time being, their focus is currently on their pop up restaurant at The Angel (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) in the centre of Bicester as well as takeaways.

The Angel is a cute gin bar at the top of Sheep Street that benefits from a gorgeous outdoor barn (The Pizza Boys residency on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and a marquee seating area. It’s the perfect setup for pop up street food vendors like The Pizza Boys to get their name out there whilst also feeding The Angel’s boozing locals – win win.

It’s a very casual dining setup – order your pizzas at the bar in the outdoor barn, grab a drink from the main bar and await the arrival of your pizza feast. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is which pizza to go for…

The Pizzas!

The Pizza Boys pride themselves on using the finest Italian ingredients teamed with locally sourced produce to create their iconic pizzas. Their menu changes fairly regularly, which they tend to update on their Instagram page.

The menu consists of a selection of traditional toppings – marinara, Margherita and pepperoni, and a few more obscure, adventurous options – pumpkin and gorgonzola, mushroom and truffle and beef ragu. If their menu doesn’t get your mouth watering I’m not sure what will…

They also sell truffle doused pizza bread, dough balls and a selection of delicious dips including truffle butter, creamy gorgonzola and sriracha hot sauce – essentials for crust dipping! AND if you can’t decide between two toppings, you can also ask for a half and half.

I went for the pumpkin, gorgonzola and friarelli pizza. I’d been eyeing it up on Instagram all week and was so intrigued to see whether a creamy pumpkin base would work. Verdict? GAME CHANGER. The base was so sweet, creamy and smooth and the sharp blue cheese cut through the sweetness perfectly. The crispy friarelli (similar to broccoli) also created a fantastic additional texture to the pizza topping.

The pizza base was thin with a fluffy crust and it had that charred aroma and taste that inevitably makes you reminiscent of fresh Italian pizza (even if you are in Bicester).

My friend Jade went for a half and half chipotle chicken and salami and teardrop chilli whilst Phil opted for mushroom and truffle, which I may have sneaked a bite or two of…

All pizzas were devoured within minutes – a tell tale sign of a very well enjoyed feast!

We also ordered some ‘buffer’ pizza breads – one truffle and porcini and one garlic.

If you fancy a sweet treat after your pizza, the boys also have a couple of dessert options! Recent puds have included white chocolate and lemon cheesecake (WITH A HOBNOB BASE) and blueberry and vanilla panna cotta with a spiced rum compote. I love that they always put a bit of a unique spin on Italian classics!

The Verdict

The Pizza Boys offer exactly what they promise – excellent pizza at a great price. If you’re looking for a casual, cheap dining experience in a cute setting in Bicester, The Pizza Boys and The Angel have you sorted.

I think it’s fab that the menu changes every few weeks, meaning locals can go regularly and not feel limited to order the same pizzas each time (although I would eat the pumpkin and gorgonzola pizza daily if I could) and that they’re so passionate about the top notch ingredients they use – you can really taste the difference! If you’d like to make your own pizza at home, Danny and Simon have also recently launched The Pizza Boys Pantry, where you can buy quality Italian ingredients (see their Instagram for further details).

You don’t have to book a table to be able to order from The Pizza Boys and eat in however, if you’d like to guarantee a table at a certain time, I’d recommend calling The Angel on 01869 360 410 to arrange.

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