Psoul Food Truck, Bicester and Beyond

November 25, 2020

Did you know that there is a beautiful marble-esque food truck serving up delicious and OH SO Instagrammable vegan food in the Bicester area? I didn’t until a month or so ago and I’m so relieved I’m no longer in the dark!

Who is Psoul?

Psoul’s mission is to “help every community thrive; one person, one bite and one smile at a time”. Owner, Nazy swears by her transition to a vegan diet for her increase in energy, productivity and better health (read more about her journey here) and is now showing Bicester and beyond that you can eat plant-based food – AND IT STILL BE DELICIOUS!

Nazy began her vegan foodie venture when she set up her own plant-based meal delivery service. She then went on to open the first entirely plant-based eatery in Oxford – Plants and Pilates – and then launched Psoul at the beginning of this year. It hasn’t been the easiest year for any independent business but Psoul seems to have built a solid and loyal clientele of people who track their truck down wherever it might be to get their vegan fix!

What Psoul-ful Food Do They Serve?

Psoul serve fresh, vibrant produce with a trendy streak. From their pink burger buns filled with plant powered patty, cheese and salad to black & gold lattes and sexy smoothies, Psoul definitely have fun with their food. The menu always seems to consist of the firm favourites – burgers, toasties, cookies and smoothies – but they also regularly mix it up with daily specials. Think festive chikn and stuffing toasties and red velvet hot chocolates!

I had my first taste of Psoul a couple of weekends ago at the very cute, North Parade Market in Oxford. It was a wet and miserable day and I knew a bright pink burger was exactly what I needed to brighten up my Saturday. Unfortunately we’d left it a little late in the day and they’d almost sold out of all savoury dishes (they’re very popular!) but alas, they still had a couple of their chikn burgers left to fill my hungry void!

The burger (£7.95) was filled with ‘chicken’, garlic mayonnaise, salad and coleslaw served in their iconic beautiful pink burger bun sprinkled in sesame seeds. It was a treat for the eyes, tasted delicious and if I hadn’t bought the burger from a vegan food truck, I honestly wouldn’t have been able to tell it wasn’t real chicken!

My friend went for one of their famous peanut butter cookies (£3), which she said was moist, crumbly and moreish. There is so much more on the menu that I want to go back and try! The Twix bar being up there alongside their toasties and smoothies. 

Where can you find Psoul?

The great thing about Psoul is that they’re on wheels, so can move their location depending on where the demand lies. At the moment, you can find them at Blenheim Palace gates every day from 9am – 4pm. They will also be serving up the goods at the Blenheim Palace Christmas Lights Trail (4th December – 3rd January) and some of their regular spots including Kidlington and Summertown. Keep an eye on their website and social media for up to date information of where they’ll be, when. 

The Verdict

I love Psoul – I love their ethos, produce and what they’re doing – making vegan food appealing to everyone! I mostly eat vegetarian, so am all for eating vegan food as and when I can but I also think the meat substitutes Nazy is introducing will start to make meat eaters realise that you can eat plant based dishes and not feel like something is missing!

Psoul is like the trendy café we all need in our lives and I really hope that they continue to go from strength to strength for the remainder of this year and next. You can tell how much thought and effort goes into the menu they create and the food and drinks they produce and I look forward to returning (wherever they may be) for some more hearty vegan grub and a cookie. Fingers crossed for better weather next time!

If you’d like to try Psoul’s vegan treats, you can find them at Blenheim Palace for the rest of the week (9am – 4pm) or, check out their website and social media for up to date information on where to find them. 

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