New Takeaway Business on the Block: Bougie Fries, Bicester

December 8, 2020

Bougie Fries is one of the newest independent takeaway businesses to launch in Bicester and last weekend I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to give their drool-worthy menu a try!

Who are Bougie Fries?

Bougie Fries is a takeaway business started by Ben and Nat in Bicester who, like most foodies, are lovers of indulgent cheat days and fries! 

“We came up with the idea for Bougie Fries purely by accident, we try to live a healthy lifestyle, which allows us a weekly ‘cheat day’. We all love fries in our household so we began to experiment by adding different toppings and sauces – this soon became our go to treat! We realised that if we were struggling to find this kind of meal maybe others had the same problem! After sharing the idea (and the food!) with friends and family the feeling was it was something worth doing. We added the sides and desserts so we could be a one stop shop, but the focus remains the ‘loaded fries’. The topping combinations are limitless so we will be adding to the menu in the future, we are hoping that our customers will help with this by giving us their thoughts and feedback.”

Their menu is a carb-overload, cheat day dream and consists of an array of different loaded fries, sides and desserts. All fries come with a trusty delicious cheese sauce and a choice of topping. From baked beans and fried onions to the more protein heavy pulled pork and pepperoni, Bougie Fries have created a menu to appeal to every chip lover! In addition to fries, you can also get your hands on some seriously moreish sides – HELLOOOO mozzarella sticks, onion rings and jalapeño poppers as well as, desserts – caramel stuffed churros (just wow), chocolate filled doughnuts and sugary biscoff doughnuts. 

Bougie Fries offer indulgent fried food that somehow doesn’t leave you feeling awful about your glutenous ways. Here’s my experience of dining Bougie style!  

The Bougie Fries Experience

Ben and Nat very kindly put together a selection of items from their menu for me to try and dropped it off in Bicester (it’s worth noting that at the moment Bougie Fries is collection only). The bag of food smelt delicious and their branded packaging was so cute, clean and professional. Even their takeaway forks are branded!

I had no idea what they’d put together for me so I was so excited to open up each box to reveal what was inside. First up, the all important loaded fries! They’d done one half topped with cheese sauce, fried onions and jalapeños and the other half with cheese sauce, bacon and gherkin slices.

The fries were crispy but in no way greasy and the toppings were delicious! Perfectly fried onions, salty crispy bacon and the cheese sauce was creamy and not overpowering. 

The second box of goodies was a selection of their sides. Oozy mozzarella sticks, sweet onion rings and spicy jalapeño poppers. They were all really tasty and the perfect accompaniment to the fries.

Lastly, there were three boxes of desserts, which were all HEAVENLY. Crunchy churros doused in sugar and cinnamon, churros stuffed with caramel, fluffy doughnuts filled with Nutella and ring doughnuts drizzled in biscoff sauce. It was all comfort food at its finest!

The Verdict

Bougie Fries is a great start up independent takeaway business that offers something that no one else does in Bicester – posh, moreish fried food, which is packed full of flavour and quality ingredients. Their menu is broad, varied and priced very reasonably considering the portion sizes and I think their demand will be high as every human being loves chips and fried food!

The thing I enjoyed most about the dishes I tried from the menu was that even though everything was deep fried, it wasn’t overly greasy – it’s beige food that everyone loves and craves but it feels a tad more guilt free than chips and cheese from the kebab shop or a Maccies. 

Bougie Fries currently only take orders for collection from Bicester on Saturdays between 5 – 8pm however, they only launched last week so this may change. Check out their Instagram page for the most up to date information.

If you fancy a loaded fries feast this Saturday, give Ben and Nat a message on their Instagram account to place your order and make sure you get the caramel filled churros – they’ll make your night. 

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