Y&R Sushi Takeaway, Bicester

January 19, 2021

CALLING ALL SUSHI LOVERS IN BICESTER! Did you know that you can get freshly made to order sushi delivered directly to your door Monday – Saturday? I KNOW – life changer!

Who are Y&R Sushi?

Y&R Sushi is run by a lovely couple – Yaiza and Rene (hence the Y&R) who have been making Japanese cuisine for over 20 years – if anyone knows how to roll a good sushi roll it’s these guys!

They first learnt how to make sushi in Caracas in Venezuela and then moved to Spain where they opened and ran 5 Japanese restaurants over 11 years. In 2013, Yaiza and Rene moved to Bicester and have continued to pursue their passion for Japanese food through their delivery and catering services. They are suppliers for Oxford Town Hall and Oxford University, have served up their sushi at events such as, Blenheim Palace food festival, Celebrating Ceramics and Fitfest and now deliver their menu across Bicester.

Yaiza and Rene make the dishes to order from their home, so have kept the menu quite small. Nonetheless, it includes everything you’d need for a sushi feast! From edamame beans, teriyaki chicken skewers and gyoza dumplings to sashimi, tempura prawns with coconut and sharing boxes of assorted sushi (for 2, 4, 5+ and 10+), there’s plenty of choice to get your mouth watering.

Last week I was kindly gifted an assorted sharing box of sushi rolls and a side of gyozas and chicken skewers to sample and review. Here’s what I thought!

The Y&R Sushi Experience

Sushi isn’t something I eat very often (maybe because I didn’t know I could get it 5 miles down the road!) but every time I do I am in heaven.

I’m no pro when it comes to the different types of sushi rolls available so I left it up to the experts, Yaiza and Rene to put together some of their favourite rolls and dishes for me to try! 

The platter they put together consisted of 4 different types of rolls – 10 Alaska rolls filled with salmon, avocado and cream cheese covered in black roasted sesame seeds, 10 Ebi crunch rolls filled with tempura prawn, avocado and cream cheese topped with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds, 6 special tempura rolls filled with salmon and cream cheese wrapped in tempura batter and topped with teriyaki sauce and crispy onions and 10 California rolls filled with crab meat, cucumber, avocado and covered in flying fish roe (our sharing box included 36 pieces of sushi – a platter for 2 includes 28 pieces for £26).

They also very kindly included a couple of sides – vegetable and chicken gyozas (£3.80 for 5) and a couple of chicken skewers (£2.60 for 2) in teriyaki sauce. The sushi came with the obligatory dollop of wasabi and ginger (although we could have done with a little more to go around) as well as, soy sauce and chopsticks. 

Each mouthful of each sushi roll was DIVINE however, the special tempura rolls definitely took the crown for me. The contrast in the texture of the soft sticky rice with the crunchy tempura and crispy onions was delicious and the sticky sweet teriyaki sauce drizzled on top tasted like nectar of the gods. I could have munched through a whole tray of those to myself.

The Ebi crunch rolls were a very close second – I loved the crunchy prawns against the freshness of the creamy avocado and the sweet teriyaki. The fresh Alaska rolls doused in soy and a healthy slice of ginger were so tasty and the California rolls were definitely the fishiest of the rolls but tasted great. You could really tell that the rolls were made using the freshest of ingredients.

The gyozas were soft and packed full of tasty filling and Lizzie and Harvey said the skewers were succulent and moorish (I don’t eat meat so they had to be my tasters for this one) – the perfect sides to the perfect platter.

The Verdict

I’m still daydreaming about our sushi sharing box, so that says it all really. Yaiza and Rene have soooo much experience making delicious Japanese food and their skill and passion really shines through in their food – we’re so lucky to have them on our doorstep in Bicester!

I thoroughly enjoyed our takeaway from Y&R Sushi – it was fresh, looked beautiful and tasted even better! The sushi rolls were wonderfully presented in unison and had pops of inviting colour. I was also chuffed to discover new sushi rolls I’d never tried before – the special tempura and ebi crunch rolls were AMAZING.

We shared 36 pieces of sushi as well as two sides between 3 of us and were surprisingly full – I think the sharing box for 2 (28 pieces of sushi) is definitely enough to fill you up but if, like me, you have an irrational fear of not being full then there are plenty of sides to choose from to bulk out your order.

I’m so happy to have discovered Y&R Sushi and hope all sushi lovers in the area have them on their radar to order from – they knock chains like Yo Sushi out the park and are honestly the most lovely couple!

Y&R Sushi deliver for free in Bicester and the surrounding areas (up to approx. 3 miles) Monday – Saturday, 5pm – 9pm. All orders are made from fresh, so it’s worth ordering ahead of time if you don’t want to wait for your order on the night or, if you live a bit further than 3 miles from Bicester (they can deliver a bit further if they can plan for it ahead of time). Call Yaiza and Rene on 07501090507 to place your order. 

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