215 Kitchen & Drinks Takeaway, Oxford

February 17, 2021

Now I know Oxford isn’t exactly Bicester however, 215 Kitchen & Drinks are currently offering such a delicious takeaway menu (deliverable to Bicester), that I thought it only fair I let you know!

215 Kitchen & Drinks is located just a short drive down the A34 in Summertown and was formerly known as The Oxford Kitchen until mid last year. The Oxford Kitchen held a Michelin Star and 3 Rosettes but decided to rebrand to be more of a ‘neighbourhood restaurant’ – they wanted to be more affordable and accessible to the locals to increase return visits! Despite the change in name, the team and Executive Chef, Paul Welburn, are still the same and are continuing to produce the same high quality, award winning food and service as before. 

215 have been doing their takeaways throughout each lockdown and in my opinion, take the crown for the fanciest takeaway I’ve come across. Their menu is small but very well thought out in terms of ingredients, taste and ease of execution at home and they also offer wine pairings, cocktails and a fab selection of sides – who said you can’t get the whole restaurant experience at home?

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly gifted a meal from 215 to review – here’s everything you need to know about the service and what I thought!

About 215 Kitchen & Drinks Takeaway 

At the moment 215 are offering this menu however, it does change quite often so keep an eye out on their website for the most up to date. Each main is £18 (unless you go for the sharing steak, which is £46 for 2), desserts are £7 and sides are £5. They also recommend a wine pairing for each dish (you can get a half bottle and mix and match per course), which I think is an amazing idea as well as cocktails to start (£8) – 215 well and truly live up to their strap line ‘Stay In & Eat Out’.

They are also currently offering a takeaway special deal for date night, celebrations and family nights where you can get a main, side, dessert and 1/2 bottle of wine per person, plus party treats themed around your chosen special for £37.50. Perfect for those special occasions where you’d usually treat yourself or a loved one to a night out!

You can get your hands on their takeaway service every Wednesday to Saturday for collection or delivery from 3pm to 7pm (free delivery within 10 miles for orders over £75 or £5 for orders under £75 to Bicester) and can very easily place your order and pay on their website (please note, the cut-off time for online ordering is 12 noon on the day of delivery/collection). 

215’s takeaway service is all about delivering an award winning dining experience to its customers whilst staying in. It’s been designed with ease in mind and is as close as you’ll get to a high quality eating out experience from your home – they’ve literally thought about every element that goes into making dining out memorable!

The 215 Kitchen & Drinks Takeaway Experience

Our takeaway was delivered at around 6pm (you can choose your delivery/pick up slot when ordering) and I was given ongoing updates of our delivery via text from the moment it was collected from the restaurant – 215 living up to their reputation for excellent service from the get go!

Our meal and half a bottle of Kim Crawford NZ Sav wine arrived in cute paper bags and each dish was segregated, making it nice and easy to know which ingredients went with which dish.

The bag also contained menus with instructions of how to finish off each element before plating as well as, a tealight candle, a novelty branded party game and a branded hand sanitiser, which says ‘stolen from Two One Five’. These really cute and novel additions to the takeaway were excellent reminders that 215 have thought about every different element that goes into a dining out experience and have translated this into their at home service – ambience, entertainment and great food and drink are all covered and they have even compiled their own Spotify playlist you can put on whilst eating – genius!

The ingredients were all clearly measured and separated by dish and the instructions were very clear and simple. The manager, Mike also kindly included a couple of sides for us to try, which we had as starters. We poured ourselves a glass of our hand selected wine and started prepping…

The starters were both cold and didn’t require any cooking, so we delved straight in! I had the salad of roasted carrots, hummus and smoked almond, which was delicious – I really enjoyed the strong smokiness coming through from the almond. Whilst Lizzie had the gin and tonic cured salmon, fennel, lemon and dill, which she said was fresh, zesty and the perfect way to start the meal. 

For main I went for the veggie option – butternut squash arancini, carrot and cardamom purée and grana padano cheese. This dish was really easy to finish off – the puree was vac packed and just needed to be placed in boiling water for 15 minutes and the arancini balls needed 15 minutes in the oven to warm them through and crisp them up.

I put on my chef hat and attempted to do my best plating up. I think Raymond would be proud…

This dish was really yummy! The puree was smooth, sweet and mooreish, the arancini balls were soft and rich on the inside and crispy on the outside and the wine complimented it perfectly. If you go for this dish, my only recommendation would be to get some sides to accompany it as I felt like I needed an additional element to bulk it out a bit (however, I am a bit of a greedy pig). 

Lizzie opted for the cod croquettes, which came with chorizo, romesco sauce and a saffron emulsion. Like the arancini, the croquettes just needed heating up in the oven for 15 minutes and the rest of the dish was cold.

Liz said the dish was an amazing mix of Spanish inspired flavours. The croquettes were crunchy on the outside and despite the other strong flavours on the plate, the cod still sang through. The romesco sauce was rich with paprika and the saffron emulsion had a hefty kick of garlic to finish the dish off.

For pud we shared the warm chocolate brownie that came with vanilla crème, poached pear and crunchy popcorn and chocolate balls and the chilled apple and blackberry ‘crumble’ with cinnamon custard. The brownie was as all brownies should be – rich, gooey and indulgent and we loved the fun additions of the popcorn and chocolate balls. The cold crumble was fruity with the sweet crunch of the crumble and the cinnamon custard finished it off wonderfully. 

The Verdict

215 Food & Drink have 100% succeeded in translating the high quality of their food, drinks, service and ambience in their restaurant to their takeaways. The attention to detail in every aspect of the takeaway is second to none – from the updates on the delivery and the wine pairing to the candle, hand sanitiser and party games.

Every dish we had was delicious however, I would recommend ordering a few additional sides to go with your main course if you have a big appetite (although, they all sound amazing, so I’d order a few anyway)! At £37.50 per person for a main, side and dessert cooked by a Michelin star chef and half a bottle of wine, I’d say that’s a bargain most foodies will find hard to resist!

If you’d like to reserve your takeaway from 215 Kitchen & Drinks, head over to their website and simply choose a date, time and the food and drink you’d like to order. Easy peasy!

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