Brookies in Bicester: The Little Whisk

February 25, 2021

What’s the best way to survive a lockdown? Sweet treats… and lots of them! A new independent business has just launched in Bicester and I have an inkling you’re all going to be a BIG FAN. 

The Little Whisk in Bicester is owned by 23 year old student, Anja who has baked her way through the pandemic. She moved to Bicester a few weeks ago and decided to take the plunge and launch this little business whist studying from home. She bakes everything from cupcakes and cookies to brownies and brookies (cookie base/brownie top), and they’re all AMAZING.

Last week Anja kindly gifted me one of their treat boxes to sample – here’s what I thought!

The Little Whisk Goodies

Before Anja contacted me, I’d spent a couple of evenings drooling over her Instagram posts trying to decide how I could justify ordering myself a vat of brookies whilst supposedly ‘eating healthily’. A couple of days later she messaged me – it was fate. I was meant to try the brookies.

The Little Whisk currently offer a number of indulgent boxes at a really reasonable price. These can be ordered via their Instagram or Facebook page for collection or delivery. Delivery in Bicester is free, 8-15 miles from Bicester is £2.50 and 16 – 25 miles is £3. 

Brownie Boxes

🍫 Box of 6 for £12

🍫 Box of 9 for £15

🍫 Box of 12 for £20

Cookie Boxes

🍪 Box of 6 for £10

🍪 Box of 8 for £12

🍪 Box of 12 for £15

Cupcake Boxes

🧁 Box of 6 for £12

🧁 Box of 12 for £20

Mix and Match Treat Boxes

🍪 Box of 6 for £12 (this is what I sampled) 

🍫 Box of 8 for £15 

🧁 Box of 12 for £20

At the moment, The Little Whisk offer a selection of different flavours and products. From red velvet cupcakes and Kinder Bueno brownies to Galaxy cookies and brookies, each item is perfect gluttony and indulgence in every bite!

The Little Whisk has literally just launched, so I suspect their products and flavours will expand over time (I’ve just seen that they’ve now created a brownie donut – a bronut – woww whatttttt) and if you have any particular requests, I have no doubt that the lovely Anja would be more than happy to accommodate. They also offer boxes for particular occasions such as, Mother’s Day.

The Little Whisk Experience

On Valentine’s Day eve, Anja kindly dropped round our treat box, which was beautifully packaged in a cute carboard box finished off with a pink ribbon and her business card. Inside were our sweet treats as well as some Valentine’s Day themed decorations – mini chocolate hearts and silver edible pearls. I loved that the top of the box was see through so that I could straight away see the delicious goodies inside. 

My treat box contained a red velvet cupcake, vanilla cupcake, NYC chocolate chip cookie, Galaxy cookie, Rolo brownie and a brookie – the perfect gift box to celebrate/eat my feelings on Galentine’s Day. They all looked SO inviting and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. 

I started off with the red velvet cupcake as the buttercream was calling my name. It tasted as great as it looked – the cake was soft and fluffy and the buttercream was sweet and creamy. 

Next up, the cookies and brownies! Before delving into these we popped them into the microwave for approx. 30 seconds, which I would highly recommend! It really softened them up and ensured the insides were oozing with melted chocolate. 

Both of the cookie flavours were packed full of chocolate goodness but the Galaxy cookie was the winner for me – if you’re a Galaxy lover, you need to get yourself one of these babies ASAP.

The Rolo brownie and brookie were chocolate heaven – rich, gooey and indulgent. The caramel drizzle on top of the Rolo brownie cleverly mirrored the flavours of the inside of a Rolo and the cookie base of the the brookie added a delicious crunchy texture to the brownie. 

These baked goods are worth every syn, calorie and ounce of regret – it’s all about balance… right?

The Verdict

If you love sweet treats, Anja from The Little Whisk is your girl! She offers beautifully presented (and of course delicious) baked goodies at a really reasonable price. They are the perfect gift for a special occasion (don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up!) or as a pick me up for yourself or a loved one.

She is flexible, so if you have a particular product, flavour or design you’d like her to create, I’m sure she’d do her very best to make it happen. The Little Whisk is the first and only place I’ve ever come across brookies and bronuts, so I think that in itself is a good enough reason to get an order in.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s to come for this independent business and will inevitably continue to drool over their Instagram page on a nightly basis…

If you’d like to place an order with The Little Whisk, get in touch with Anja via her Instagram or Facebook page. 

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